Why Is It Important To Hire a Drink Driving Solicitor?

Driving after consuming alcohol is illegal, the penalty of drink driving can be severe. Many people caught drunk while driving has their driving license taken away. Drink driving is a serious offence and people charged with such an offence should not think that they have no option left other than facing the charges. It is vital that you seek an drink driving solicitor

To give you an opinion right from the beginning of the charge. It ensures that you receive the best outcome as well as clarifying evidence and presenting a clear argument.

There are two types of drink driving offenses. Firstly, driving with excess alcohol consumption and secondly, driving while unfit. It is important to know which type of offence you are accused of to determine the punishment you will receive should you plead guilty or be convicted. The first charge includes a breath test using a machine to analyze the level of alcohol in your breath and produce an intoxication report.

The second charge does not require any scientific evidence and relies on the police’s statement of how you drove or behaved to prove that you were unfit to drive. In any of the following events, the negative effects of such an offence can last for many years afterward, in your personal or professional life. Like, while applying for a job a prospective employer has the right to be made aware of such a conviction.

Hiring a good barrister for a driving offence is important to navigate the complex legal loopholes. A professional drink driving solicitor will represent your case before the court to reduce fine or sentence. A good motoring offence barrister may rigorously challenge the procedure or technological evidence used by the police. Their special arguments may persuade the court to drop the case or acquit of the charge. It is difficult to defend such a crime, and only experienced professionals can handle the unforeseen move that may work against the accuser’s favour.

drink driving solicitor have dealt with a wide variety of driving offense cases, and are fluent with every aspect of the motoring law. Using a motoring offence lawyer to represent your case is not always a costly proposition. Some barristers charge a fixed fee for such an offense while there are some who offer free oral consultation over the phone. It is a small price to pay when you have a potential driving ban hanging over you.

A drink driving solicitor are experts at mitigation. A motoring lawyer may negotiate with the prosecution to have the charges against you dropped. If you do not properly research your representation, then you may end up with a lawyer who does not have the expert knowledge to deal with traffic offenses. Hiring a good motoring lawyer can be the difference between getting points and getting banned.