Key Details on the UK’s Free Boiler Grant Scheme

The Boiler Grant is a Government scheme set up in 2013 via the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) to provide individuals from low-income households with access to home efficiency improvement aimed at reducing the cost of heating their houses and their carbon footprints. The ECO gives people who still use old, inefficient central heating boilers with a grant towards acquiring a new boiler.

The grants are non-repayable meaning that no money will be demanded from you at any time and they will decrease your expenditure on heat by up to £350 a year. The amount of money you get will depend on the results of an energy assessment carried out to determine how efficient your house is. Though it was intended to be free, according to the government website you may be asked for a small contribution. So what do you need to qualify for this scheme?

In order to qualify for the boiler grant scheme, there are a lot of strict criteria that you have to meet. First of all, there are certain benefits or combination of benefits including ESA, tax credits and JSA that you have to be receiving. You have to be a home-owner or a private tenant to apply and for private tenants, they will need to have express permission from their landlord.

The boiler you are currently using should be at least 8 years old or if it is between 5-8 it must have a serious fault that an engineer may deem non-economical to repair. Also, the more inefficient the property you live in the higher your grant money will be but if your house is too inefficient in the grants website it says you will have to make a contribution towards the grant.

Boiler grants will be available until September 2018 when the ECO closes. Energy providers who risk huge fines if they don’t meet carbon emission targets have agreed to collectively contribute 1.3 billion pounds for each year the free government boiler scheme is running. According to the government, there have been over 60,000 people who have benefited from the scheme all over the country till now.