My Recent Trip to North Wales



Why I Choose North Wales?

I love to travel, and so I decided to take a trip to North Wales. North Wales has over 90 beaches, and I was interested in doing kitesurfing there. Every time I thought about the limestone cliffs, the hills and the valleys I got more interested in packing my bags and leaving for North Wales. I have always liked exploring fine arts. There are living museums that show the hard living Wales and the contemporary art like in the Mostyn gallery in Llandudno. The Mawddach trail to Dolgellau is a route of 18 km where the whole family can enjoy bike riding. You can benefit from the sceneries of sea and mountain landscapes. I was so eager to take my bike there and ride along the route. It is entirely safe for ladies, so I had no worries.

Those Castles Were Great!
I started my morning with a cup of coffee then set out for Conwy Walls. Everybody loves castles (even bouncy castles). There are some many castles which look as good as a fairy tale story. You will take back home the beautiful sight of the castle and the green background. Conwy Walls gave me the chance to picture what it must have been like in the history. I enjoyed the beautiful views across the bay. What I learned is that I have to wear good shoes there. Good means hard and durable shoes, not my fancy shoes. There are up, and downs in the path and some areas have a very little place to walk. If I did not have the good grip, I would have fallen because the floor was too lopsided. I loved every second inside the Conwy Walls! It was so windy that my hat flew away. I could see the Great Orme, the Castle and the Town of Conwy. The best part was the entry was free of cost.

Great Weather- What Else you can ask?
Later on, I went to the Great Orne. The weather changed from windy to sunny. I was not feeling tired. In fact, I had a blast walking down the path of Great Orne. I got up on one of the cable cars and got a better view of the area. It has been a long time since I rode a cable car. The weather was sunny, but I had no problem because there was no heat. The weather and the scenery everything was picture perfect. I went to the gift shop to purchase gifts for friends and family back home. It was a great trip indeed!