Mirror Tiles: When placement goes wrong?

So you’ve just gotten your hands on a sweet new property, but half the roof is in Vegas somewhere (probably) the neighbours clog dance at 3 am, your terrified of whatever that thing is living in the basement and to top it all off… the bathroom has this wall of mirror tiles you’re not happy with.

I’ll address these in turn:

  1. Get better at blackjack and win that roof back.
  2. Discover dubstep.
  3. Fire
  4. Unfortunately, those tiles are most likely glued directly to the wall, so removing them is going to be a bit of a battle, with a lot of plasterboard collateral damage…

However, sometimes you can get lucky and the mirror tiles have been stuck in place by adhesive foam-tape squares. If this is the case, you can take an easy win by using a hairdryer to loosen the tape squares and peel of the tiles. If you do take the easy way out, please not you’ll have abit of a clean-up left on the wall after…

If you want it done right (and you don’t want to call the builders again, this is assuming the tiles are stuck with tape… otherwise do your best Thor impression) First off, VENTILATE. If the area can’t be ventilated correctly, perhaps reconsider for now…or just ship off granny (and anyone else sensitive to air quality) for a few hours Then use a solvent to remove as much glue as possible and lightly pull the mirror tiles off the wall one by one. Sand whatever evil glue is left on the wall and repair any holes that may have magically appeared (then hide the hammer) prime the walls, then paint to look shiny new.

You can also cheat, maybe. It can often be possible to steam the mirror tiles of the wall. Think loosening wallpaper paste, accept the glue used for the mirror tiles is nothing like wallpaper paste.

This isn’t an option I’d advocate trying myself. Get in touch with a wallpaper-removal professional (ideal one that has experience dealing with this kind of thing) and remember those finishing touches!


My recent home renovation


I prefer home renovating rather than construction because it has many advantages

It lowers the cost of maintenance and utility bills. You will feel comfortable knowing you have done a home renovation. Some common mistakes to avoid starts with hiring the first contractor you can find. Do your research, there is no rush. Do not put your home in the hands of a wrong person! Do not spend too much money on home renovation. I gathered my money from growing vegetables, using daylight for work and saving air conditioning. Do not improve your house so much that is 10 times better than the other houses in the area. There are two types of home renovation. One of them is if you are selling your home, and the other is if you will be staying there for a long time.

Color Scheme Plays an Important Role
I am going to be living in this house for a long time. I started off with painting my roof white. Now, my home has a cooler temperature most of the time. Previously when it had a black roof, it used to get heat up easily. I had to keep the air conditioner on most of the time. It made my utility bills go up by 70 percent. I bought some regular white paint at a low rate from the hardware store. I used a roller frame to paint the roof. I have made my windows to be energy-efficient. They can reflect the sun’s rays making the inside of my home cooler. They are more secure than my previous windows which could easily be opened by robbers.

I can See the Stars!
I love a place to sit and enjoy the weather. I have attached a balcony to my bedroom. Now, I can look outside anytime I want. I can go on the balcony at midnight, and stare at the beautiful stars. I have replaced a part of my attic’s roof with glass. I made it a star-gazing roof. I did not replace the ceiling of the full attic. It is just the part where I have put a small bed just to lie down and look at the stars.

Don’t Leave any Area Vacant
I made great use of wasted space. There were places in the walls where I can place racks. I am using that to put books. There are spaces under the stairs where I made it a shoe shelf. I have many pairs of shoes. It is not an easy task to always reach out for my closet every time I need a pair of shoes. The staircase is close to my door so when I am in a rush, I grab a pair and leave home. This is what I did as a part of my home renovation.