In November 2015, Lloyds Bank uncovered a fraud that was performed by a gang of nine using debit card details that were stolen from people. The total amount defrauded from the victims was £120, 000. This amount was spent on high quality and expensive electrical items within five days.

Without any fear of being exposed, they took pictures of themselves, displayed the items they bought and the money they earned from reselling some of those items. One could say the whole high-end street of UK was explored. During the exploration, they went ahead to purchase branded and highly priced commodities.

Those goods were paid for through Apple Pay with the victims’ bank account or credit card details. After being found out by Lloyds Bank, the issue was passed unto the police department in charge of card fraud, known as DCPCU (Dedicated Card & Payment Crime Unit).

Fortunately, the victims’ money was refunded back to them. Only four of the gangs (Sakariye Issa, Soubane Ismail, HamsaDinle, and Anwar Mohammed Mire)were initially taken into custody. Thereafter, the DCPCU recognized the remaining five (Libyan Yaryare, Suresh Karavadra, Mohamed Hirsi, AbdirabiBuux, and Mahad Abdisalam) to be suspected fraudsters.

Among those five, Suresh Karavadra was the shopkeeper whom the gangs sold to at a lesser price, and he was sentenced for laundering money. The nine men eventually pleaded guilty to fraud. Many sellers, including electrical wholesalers Stockport, have welcomed the way this was dealt with.

The Verdicts of the Fraudsters

Suresh Karavadra, age 33, was imprisoned for 6 months and got 2 years suspension. He was also asked to work for 150 hours without payment and given a four-month curfew wearing a tag.

Mohamed Hirsi, age 22, also sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and given 2 years suspension. Additionally, he was asked to work for 200 hours without payment and was given a 4 months curfew wearing an electronic tag.

Mahad Abdisalam, age 23 got 6 months of jail service and 2 years on suspension. He was also asked to work 200 hours without getting paid, and attend an offending behavior problem.

Anwar Mohammed Mire, age 22, was sentenced to 14 months jail term, Sakariye Issa, age 22 was to serve 14 months in jail while 24-year-old AbdirabiBuux received a jail term of 15 months.

Others were 23 years old Hamsa Dinle whose sentence was for 2 years and 3 months, 22-year-old Libyan Yaryare, who was asked to serve3 years in prison and 23-year-old SoubaneIsmail who received 15 months in jail.

The Judge and the Investigator Remarks

All of them were apprehended for the crime and received a due verdict in their cases. Because of that, the detective in charge (Detective-Constable, Matt Cornell), was highly complimented by Judge Finucane QC who was in charge of the final case. He said the investigation of the fraud was thoroughly carried out with great diligence and aptitude.

The detective also gave a remark by saying how pleased he was with the conviction of the criminals as justice eventually prevailed despite how well-organized the gang committed the crime. Finally, he directed his final remarks to the banks and police, asking them to use the incident as a lesson to always take frauds seriously and earnestly since it has indeed left them all with a great impact.