Just have Bought a VR Headset – Its Amazing


It hasn’t been long when my savings finally allowed me to go for a VR Headset
I spent too many hours and ended up with a decision to go for Samsung Gear VR. This wonderful vendor had has always seduced me with its great products. In fact, I read almost dozens of reviews before ordering that beast!

Some Features

Samsung gadgets are known for their quality and seamless performance. What else can you expect in a VR headset when they already are providing you one that has features like?

  • All-round compatibility with Galaxy Series of Samsung smartphones
  • An Amoled display enhanced with a wide field of view
  • It weighs less than many other similar machines
  • Easily accessible touch pad with all the elementary controls
  • Comfortable headband that never triggers a headache even after hours of use

My Experience

I cannot explain the feelings that, one experiences while using a VR Headset. It is something really amazing and can take you to another world. You eventually, feel yourself as the part of content being watched. 3D-Videos and movies I believe, can never be enjoyed to fullest without having a VR headset. Well, about the gaming experience really don’t have the suitable words. It simply rocks. After using this machine I, now am looking for purchasing other gadgets as well